Natural Oils 植物油份

Olive Oil 橄欖油 ﹣ A good moisturizer, well-nourished, making the skin dewy-soft and glowing. 良好保濕劑能滋潤皮膚、促進新陳代謝、保持肌膚光滑柔嫩。 Grapeseed Oil 葡萄籽油 ﹣ Very easily absorbed by the skin, moisture and repair the tissues. 很容易被皮膚吸收,滋潤和修復組織。 Sweet Almond Oil 甜杏仁油 ﹣ Absorbed by skin quickly and helps to repair dry, cracked and flaky skin. 迅速被皮膚吸收,幫助修復乾燥,龜裂和脫皮現象,改善膚質。